‘March comes in like a lion’ – shogi tournament for children | J:COM杯 3月のライオン 子ども将棋大会

  • I helped at the Doubutsu Shogi Corner organized by Nekomado | ねこまどどうぶつ将棋コーナでのお手伝い
  • I met many shogi celebrities: Maiko Fujita (Doubutsu shogi illustrator), Rieko Yauchi (Women Professional 5-Dan) and Osamu Nakamura (9-dan) | プロ棋士と挨拶 中村修九段、矢内理絵子女流五段、どうぶつしょうぎのイラスト作者の藤田麻衣子さん

Kiyuukan | 棋友館

‘Kiyuukan’ in Ogikubo, Tokyo is a shogi classroom for children. I had the chance to speak to the owner and instuctor, Mr Odagiri. He is a well-known teacher and has been teaching at Kiyuukan for more than 13 years. We talked about the difference in teaching shogi to adults and to children. Mr. Odagiri’s advice for teaching children is to allow them to play many games (so that they become familiar with the pretty big shogi board) and then to teach them about the unique moves and potential that each piece posses. Many of the students become strong players, e.g., they become able to solve 30+ moves-long checkmate problems.